WP3 – Integrating dynamic multi-hazard vulnerability and
resilience into formal peoplecentered and forward-looking risk assessment


The objectives of this WP are: (1) Modelling physical impacts of multi-hazards, including the quantification of effects on individual assets/infrastructure components (e.g. buildings) as well as network-level and distributed-system disruptions; (2) Modelling the social consequences of multi-hazards, also accounting for possible interactions with impacts on the built environment; (3) Definition of relevant risk and resilience metrics (e.g. education accessibility, unemployment, recovery time per income) that extend beyond simple asset losses considered as part of conventional risk assessment approaches; (4) Development of an integrated risk and resilience modelling framework to underpin the DSS produced in WP4 and WP5.

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Gemma Cremen – UCL University College London

WP3 Leader

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Carmine Galasso – UCL University College London

WP3 Leader