MEDiate is part of the DRS Societal Resilience Cluster Network Support. The Cluster is composed of the following projects funded under the DRS01 calls of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe:


The Crisis Managers Innovation Network Europe CMINE is offering a dynamic, safe workspace to the established Clusters of projects, supporting their interaction focused objectives throughout the project implementation cycle. The activities conducted by the Cluster, with the support of CMINE, include, but are not limited to:


  1. Exchanging of experiences and lessons learned
  • Organizing workshops, seminars, participation in conferences and other events.
  • Enabling member project teams to participate in trials, simulations, crisis management exercises and other events realised within the cluster.
  • Give presentations at conferences, prepare input for publications.
  • Conduct joint activities when appropriate.


  1. Communication and networking
  • Use of CMINE as the platform to communicate within the DRS01 Cluster.
  • Promote Cluster project’s outcomes among the systematically built audiences whenever appropriate.
  • Support activities aimed at dissemination of project results.
  • Communicate about the DRS01 Cluster.
  • Establish and maintain links with other relevant Clusters, networks and partner organisations.

Other relevant projects: