WP2 – Assessment of current and future multi-hazard interactions and cascading impacts


The aim of WP2 is to generate critical new methods, evidence and knowledge relating to multi-hazard interactions and cascading impacts in the European context. WP2 will create new multi-hazard indicators that will support riskbased assessments, including the DSS, for the management of complex hazards. WP2 will deliver this aim through the following four objectives: (1) Develop a framework for the assessment of current and future multi-hazard interactions; (2 )Assess the primary interacting hazards for European areas; (3) Assess the primary cascading impacts for European areas; (4) Develop multi-hazard indicators that are suitable for risk assessments and the DSS. These objectives will be met by developing general procedures and methods of assessment, and testing them across the project’s testbeds. WP2 will comprise representatives from UStr, IMO and RINA, together with at least one representative from WPs 1 to 6. The multi-hazard deliverables generated in WP2 will be used directly in WPs 3 (exposure, vulnerability), 4 (DSS development) and 5 (DSS testing and evaluation).

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Christopher White – University of Strathclyde

WP2 Leader