General assembly – Essex – 7-8 September 2023

The MEDiate partnership has embarked on an exciting journey towards innovative solutions and collaboration. The venue? Essex. The occasion? The highly productive General Assembly that launched with an exhilarating start on the first day.


A Day of Enlightening Discussions

The inaugural day of the assembly was nothing short of captivating. Partners from different corners of the world gathered to discuss the initial results of our project and chart the course for the future. The depth of commitment and the valuable insights shared by our partners set an inspiring tone for the entire project.


Testbeds: Where Ideas Spark and Grow

One of the day’s highlights was the enlightening exchange of ideas and experiences through our testbeds. The opportunity for partners to come together in person was instrumental in fostering deep connections and facilitating robust discussions. Through these interactions, we were able to gain invaluable perspectives and define the next steps for our project.